SAP NW, BEx queries and planning in mobile apps

Calling SAP services with the Sybase Unwired Platform or SAP Gateway

The SAP Mobile Platform offers two approaches to accessing SAP system services:

  • SAP Gateway can be integrated into an existing ABAP system as a plug-in or set up as an independent system. SAP backend services are then available via the OData protocol if required. Simple services that do not contain any nested parameter structures, but which do include standard OData functions (i.e. Create, Read, Update, Delete), can be published after customizing. More complex services can be converted to the OData standard and published using self-authored ABAP coding. This OData web service can then be integrated into mobile applications.
  • The Sybase Unwired Platform is installed as a separate system stack to provide access to SAP systems and connect to other systems. SUP is particularly suitable for connecting simple services without complex parameter structures. These services and their data structures are translated within SUP into mobile business objects. SUP-internal data storage can also be activated for these objects to provide the option of offline data replication.

The two technologies mentioned above offer an interesting architecture option, above all in scenarios with relational entity models. However, more complex data structures (e.g. OLAP data) can only be mapped with limitations in both cases, as either a significant amount of development and maintenance work is required or performance and functional restrictions can be expected.

Calling SAP RFC function modules in mobile apps without middleware

One solution to get around these limitations is the CubeServ Connector for SAP RFC:

  • It accesses RFC function modules directly and without any further middleware from mobile apps and web applications.
  • It has unlimited parameterisation options and can interpret nested parameters.
  • No further backend development is needed to set up the interface, reducing development and maintenance work.

From a technical perspective, the Connector is implemented in the backend using a web service. Based on requirements, the SOAP or JSON standard can be applied. In the front-end a JavaScript library provides the functions for calling the web service and all HTML-based applications can use them. When using the Appcelerator Titanium Framework, the same library can also be used for native apps. If a native client library is needed, it can be implemented upon request based on customer requirements.

Calling SAP BW BEx queries in mobile apps without middleware

Due to complexity restrictions of the data structures within the SAP Mobile Platform tools, querying data from the SAP Business Warehouse is relatively time-consuming and inflexible. However, it is possible to get around these restrictions by using the CubeServ Connector for SAP BW BEx queries. In addition to the benefits of the CubeServ Connector for SAP RFC there are the following advantages:

  • An interface for filtering and navigating through the results using OLAP is available. Functions such as drill-downs and drill-throughs as well as the usual sorting options provided by BEx queries can be made available in individual applications.
  • The current navigation status can be saved as a bookmark on the SAP BW server and then accessed by various applications and devices.
  • Query information for the navigation status can also be stored on devices and used offline.

Planning and data collection for SAP BW and SAP NetWeaver in mobile Apps

Based on the CubeServ Connector for SAP RFC, a bidirectional exchange of information can also be implemented. It activates all options for data storage in the SAP Business Warehouse:

  • Write access to InfoCubes
  • Write access to DSOs
  • Write access to InfoObjects and master data
  • Write access to individual customer tables (e.g. for storing data, comments or documents)

After being saved to the SAP BW, the data can be made immediately accessible for reporting purposes through SAP BW BEx queries and SAP BusinessObjects. Thanks to the highly efficient data exchange with the CubeServ Connector, real-time exchange of management information and control of business processes within mobile apps are now a reality. Furthermore, in combination with in-memory technologies this can also be implemented for big data szenarios.

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