CubeServ Packages & Accelerators for mobile solutions

In many cases mobile solutions require features for which standard platform capabilities are insufficient.

CubeServ solution packages and tools can, in certain cases, meet project requirements more rapidly and more cost effectively than proprietary solutions.

CubeServ Reporting Framework

Thanks to the CubeServ Reporting Framework, your users will be able to enjoy uniform access to all reports – irrespective of the reporting platform chosen. Thus, also iPad users can intuitively display and filter data from SAP BusinessObjects and the SAP BusinessWarehouse. Offline reports can be integrated as well.

Reporting Framework features can also be integrated into custom apps in form of accelerators. The essential components are:

  • Mobile BI app (iOS and HTML5),
  • Replication of offline reports,
  • Execution of reports on different platforms (Unified Report Execution),
  • Flexible report selection (Point of View).

BEx Web Extensions

In the past, many companies invested significantly into SAP BEx Web-based reports. These reports can also be displayed in a user-friendly manner on tablets and smartphones, e.g. with the following optimizations:

  • Touch-friendly navigation block for SAP BW BEx reports,
  • Drill-throughs by touching parameter values,
  • Optimized layout and style sheets.

SAP Interfaces

In order to access SAP system data and services directly in mobile apps without additional middleware, we have created various additional options for HTML5 and native applications:

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