Mobility Strategy

In order to benefit systematically from mobile technologies, some crucial questions questions must be addressed:

  • For which application scenarios, business processes, and management information do mobile solutions ensure a significant added value?
  • Which groups of users enjoy noticeable benefits from being able to access mobile applications flexibly, at any time and from any place?
  • With which architectural components can mobile solutions be set up sustainably?

Because mobile solutions often differ significantly from previous applications, a strategy for the development of the necessary competences must be worked out. This includes e.g.:

  • The ability to master the necessary technologies for mobile solutions and their integration into
    existing technologies.
  • Mobile application development needs to be integrated systematically into project management and
    governance processes in order to address systematically all essential aspects - from design to safety.
  • On organizational level, the environment and responsibilities of such a change need to be established.

Moreover, several core governance parameters need to be defined, e.g.:

  • How many device platforms need to be supported and how should the support be managed?
  • Should the use of personal devices be allowed within the company? If so, which restrictions
    need to be defined?
  • How should the loss of data and devices be regulated and dealt with?

Based on your situation our experts can support you beginning with the definition of a roadmap, via the development of governance processes all the way to operational implementation and the corresponding coordination of projects and activities, our experts will provide you with corresponding support.

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