Successful mobile solutions require a comprehensive expertise

Mobile technologies provide an outstanding opportunity to improve the design of existing business processes or to build even new business models. The exceptional performance of today’s devices, the possibility to extend the coverage to new target groups and use cases based on a new dimension of usability, as well as the universal availability of communication infrastructure provide an excellent basis for such enhancements.

The capability to access information and manage business processes quickly, at any time and from anywhere provides a decisive competitive edge. Choosing the appropriate mobility strategy will help to implement this systematically and successfully.

Thus, real-time reporting in combination with a comprehensive control of the management process by commenting and information sharing can become daily business routine all the way up to top management levels.

In order to ensure that such solutions are well accepted by users, applications have to come up to the usability standards set by devices like the iPad or the iPhone. Furthermore, it is necessary to combine the best parts from backend systems, existing standard technologies (like Sybase Unwired Platform or BusinessObjects) and custom App development to form powerful solutions requiring as little maintenance as possible.

Packages and accelerators such as the CubeServ Mobile BI App, Mobile Enabling for SAP BEx or the Web Connector for SAP RFC can be essential facilitators for these solutions.

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