Mobile Security

In order to ensure the safety of sensitive information when using a mobile device outside of company, all relevant risks need to be managed systematically. A comprehensive approach that takes into consideration infrastructure aspects, application architecture as well as user conduct must be adopted.

Our experts will provide you with support regarding all relevant topics, in particular:

  • The safety of physical devices in the case of
    -  Loss, theft
    -  Sharing, selling
    -  Leasing
  • The safety of mobile device communication:
    -  VPN / SSL
    -  Firewalls, demilitarized zones
    -  Authentification, single-sign-on
    -  Interface control (e.g. Bluetooth, UMTS, WLAN access)
  • The safety of data on mobile devices:
    -  Backup / recovery
    -  Controlled deletion
    -  Saving of data on non-authorized servers (e.g. iCloud)
    -  Control of device applications (e.g. software updates)
    -  Data encryption
    -  Protection against viruses and malware
  • Corporate safety guidelines and creation of awareness among users