Cross-platform development with Appcelerator & SAP

Native applications for different platforms with one code base

Appcelerator stands out from other options for the development of mobile applications for multiple platforms through a highly innovative approach:

  • Applications can be developed for different platforms in JavaScript.
  • The user interface can still consist entirely of native UI elements.
  • The integration of HTML content and interactions with it remains flexible.
  • All of this ensures that the modular and reusable code base for native, hybrid and web applications can be established.
  • Native and platform-specific modules can also be added flexibly if required.

This provides numerous benefits in a business environment:

  • Reusability and modularity reduce the time needed to develop new applications.
  • Functionality for integrating backend systems and services as well as application logic only need to be developed once and can then be reused by all supported platforms.
  • The know-how in dealing with JavaScript is more widespread than that for native developments. Such knowledge is often already available within a company.

SAP integration into in-house cross-platform applications

The interfaces provided via SAP Gateway and the Sybase Unwired Platform can also be accessed from the Appcelerator Titanium in order to embed SAP information and services in mobile apps. Appcelerator provides the access to the corresponding data sources with a SAP OData module. The use of OData interfaces is particularly suitable for read and write access to relational data models.

The CubeServ Connectors for SAP RFC and SAP BW can also be used. This enables SAP RFC functional modules to be called and SAP BW BEx queries to be used without any additional middleware. This interface can also be used to implement OLAP data calls and more complex service calls in a very practical way.

Reports from SAP BusinessObjects,SAP BW BEx Web Templates and other HTML-based reporting tools can also be integrated flexibly into Appcelerator-based apps, including components of the CubeServ Reporting Framework. Existing tools such as Crystal Reports, WebI and BEx Web applications can then be used for online reporting inside an app.

For offline reporting it is possible to use existing master data and hierarchies (e.g. from SAP BW) to navigate through documents.

Additionally, the usability of reports can be increased to meet the requirements of mobile apps by optimising the HTML output of existing SAP tools.

For example, optimised navigation blocks or drill-downs can be integrated into these reports.

Native application with JavaScript code base and SAP integration
Integration of BusinessObjects and SAP BW master data
Integration of SAP BW BEx Web templates and queries with mobile optimisation

Our offer

As an Appcelerator Integration Partner who also has an intensive partner relationship with SAP CubeServ combines the know-how of both of these worlds. Why not discuss the consequences for your mobility strategy with our experts and complete the first steps with a prototype that is aligned with the requirements of your business processes?