Design of mobile solutions and processes

As soon as value-creating application scenarios for mobile solutions have been identified, the user interaction possibilities and application functionality should be derived from the requirements of the business processes concerned. Other crucial factors for the sustainability of solutions are the optimal integration of existing backend systems and the ability to provide the functionality of all relevant devices. The ideal solution architecture has to be developed within these goals and the constraints of the mobility strategy.

Our experts can support you at the necessary steps, e.g.:

  • The development of application scenarios – from the idea to the technical solution architecture,
  • The modeling of business processes based on established BPM methodology,
  • The design of information architecture and information management, taking into consideration the particularities of mobile solutions,
  • The design of user experience and interaction,
  • The evaluation of technologies and platforms,
  • The development of the technical solution architecture, taking into consideration the integration of SAP and non-SAP technologies.

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